How do I de-duplicate clients?

If you create a new client record for a client for whom a record already exists, you will have a duplicated record.

In CCD, you can assign the holdings, tasks and commissions from one client record to another in order to remove de-duplicated client entries.

Before merging client data, you need to determine the system reference numbers for the two records that you wish to merge (clients A and B). Please note: Client B is the record that you want to keep. Client A is the record that will be removed from the system once any data associated with that client has been assigned to client B.

Start with the record that you wish to remove (Client A). Find this client in the Client records module. When you have found the record that you want to remove, select the screen below (Client > Personal > Notes)
From this screen you can copy the system client reference number (located at the bottom of the screen). Select the reference number by double-clicking the contents of the field, then at the top of your screen click Edit and select Copy. This will copy the system reference number of the client to the Windows clipboard.

Now select Quit to return you to the Main Menu. From here, select Setup > Technical > Data. From the options displayed, select  De-duplicate client details. The screen below will be displayed:

Please note the warning: All records assigned to Client A will be re-assigned to Client B. The client de-duplication process cannot be reversed to the state it is was previously in. At the end of the process, Client A will have no records assigned to it and the Client record can be safely deleted. Use this utility at your own risk and only after ensuring you understand the consequences.

Paste into the Client A field the reference number copied to the Windows Clipboard (Select Edit > Paste from the File Edit menu).

Now select Quit to return to the Main Menu and repeat the process above to select Client B.

When you have copied the reference number for Client B to the Windows clipboard, return to the Setup > Technical configuration > Data > Client record de-duplication screen and this time paste client reference into Client B.

Note the narrative under each client which confirms the numbers of records to be assigned.
When you are happy that the records selected are the ones that you want to merge, select the button marked De-duplicate client records. The following 3 prompts will notify you of the process that the system is undertaking and will finally give you the option to delete the Client A.