How do I deal with a Multi-Match exception in EDI?

When testing for exceptions within an EDI statement, Multi-Match is flagged as an exception

This exception can appear for a number of reasons:

  • 2 pieces of remuneration received for same policy number
  • 1 piece of remuneration but 2 exceptions.
  • EDI soundex has identified an expectation, but this has already been matched against another remuneration receipt.

The way that these exceptions are handled will depend on which payment method has been recorded against the remuneration type in the set up area of CCD.                            


  • Click into the match tab. 
  • A list of possible matches will be displayed. 
  • Select the correct item. 
  • This exception will now be reconciled and removed from the exceptions list.


  • Click on the match tab. 
  • In this case, EDI has tried to match to the wrong client. 
  • So a new client needs to be set up. 
  • Use the ‘go client/new business record’ wizard. 
  • Set up the client, once done, click on the ‘View new business records’ and select the new client you have just set up. 
  • Post the remuneration and this will remove the exception from the list.