How do I do a batch increment for a Life insurance scheme?

When operating a Group Scheme arrangement you may have a need to increment a number of members at one time, perhaps at salary review time. CCD is capable of managing this and this article will explain how.

Select your corporate client and select Holdings from the left hand menu and the Schemes tab:
Select the group life scheme from the list of schemes and and select Membership from the left hand menu:
Select the blue link at the bottom of the screen - Create a batch review of the membership:
Update the multiple of salary of benefit in the Mult column. The DIS calc column will calculate the new benefit in blue.

Once completed select the blue link at the top of the screen - Apply the system calculated sums assured for all members. The Sum assured column will be updated with the updated with the new amounts.

To complete the batch increment, select the blue link at the top of the screen - Complete wizard and return to the scheme.

You will be returned to the Membership screen within the scheme.