How do I do a Summary Valuation?

If Contract Enquiry cannot be used to value a plan, then funds and units can be manually added.

From within Details > Assets click the ‘+Add Asset’ button:

Once this is done, a pop up message appears.  Click Yes to this:

There will then be a second message:

Click OK to this message. The next thing to do is to choose the asset. This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Selecting from the list displayed

  1. Use Search the collectives database

By clicking on the ‘Search the collectives database’ button a new screen will be displayed:

If the fund required is displayed, use the ‘Select’ button. If not, click on > Conduct a manual SEARCH of the database. You can search on any of the columns shown if you have the Citi code, MexID or Sedol number, then this is a unique number and will only return that fund. If you do not have any of these the type the fund name into the Asset name field:

When entering the fund name, use a string search (as shown above).  Once entered, click the Enter button on your keyboard.  A list of all funds matching the search criteria will then be displayed:

Use the Select button to choose the relevant fund.  The following screen will then be displayed, with the name of the selected fund shown in red at the top right hand corner:

Click onto the Position tab and enter the number of units, the type of units and the date that the holding had that many units, furthermore fill in the original investment / date of investment as this will be used in calculating the annual equivalent return in the historical tab:

The fund information shown will be from the latest FE update that your company has run.  The information is shown in pence (GBX) and then in pounds (£).

Click back on Assets in the breadcrumb trail to enter additional funds if required:

Each time a FE update is run, the bid price of the chosen funds will be updated.  However, you will need to keep the number of units and the date up to date.

The value of the holding will be displayed on the Overview page of the holding: