How do I do advanced client searching?

The Basic Search

Within the clients screen it is worth remembering that you can search on any of the boxes present and that you can complete multiple boxes to narrow your search. To search the system click on the Clients option from the Main Menu and you will be taken to the screen below. Begin a search by selecting the Find Record button at the top of the screen.
The client's “surname” is the most commonly used method of searching the system therefore your cursor will appear in this box first. This is a “free type” box so you can enter the full or part surname in order to conduct your search.
To add additional information move your cursor into the relevant box and then type in your details (some boxes will automatically drop down a menu for you to choose from). Once you have entered your information click on Find record.

You will be presented with the following popup box.

Click Perform.

You will then be presented with a list of clients to choose from as in the screen below.
To select a client simply click on the relevant line.
Showing the Records menu screen

The additional Find option becomes more useful when it is combined with the Records menu screen.

To activate this screen you will need to use the icon (sometimes referred to as the microwave icon) next to Browse option on the bottom toolbar. This will then give you a new tool bar at the top of your main CCD details.
This will show you a rolodex, with the number of records in the area you are in and the number of records within the found set you are in detailed below it.
To scroll through the records found click on the bottom half of the rolodex icon. This will then change the client record that you are viewing.

To go back up through the records simply click on the top half of the rolodex and the system will change the client’s details again. By using this screen the system can give you visual indication as to the number of records that match the search criteria you have entered. You can also use the wheel on your mouse or the slide bar to quickly scroll through these records.

Using the Symbols search

Combining both the Record menu and the find facility will give you greater options when it comes to searching for data in your system. When you are in a CCD screen turn on the Record menu and then change to the find mode. You will now see additional options under the Record menu called Insert: Operators. If you press the arrow icon next to Operators you will be presented with a menu of search characters that can be used within CCD.

By ticking the omit option in the Record menu will reverse the effect the search has, i.e. search for everything except the character entered.

These characters can be used by themselves or in addition to any letter or numbers you may wish to enter in order to conduct a search. These symbols can be entered by simply clicking on the relevant box in CCD and then either click on the character on the list or you can type them in from your keyboard.