How do I enter Introducer Splits?

When an Introducer has been set up on CCD, there may be commission splits that need to be recorded.  If recorded it will mean that when commissions are added for a piece of new business from an introduced client, the pay aways will automatically be recorded.  

Access the Introducers from the 'Contacts' module of CCD:

Select the Introducer for whom the splits need to be set up:

Navigate to the 'Activity' section on the left hand menu.  From here click the 'Remuneration' tab:

In here, the default pay away needs to be recorded.  This default is used when a commission type is selected for which a commission pay away has not been set up.  To record pay aways for different types of commission, click the 'Advanced' tab:

From here, use the drop down grey box (just above this) to select the type of commission that needs a different pay away to the default.  Once it shows in the box, click 'Add new commission type':

Record the percentage.  Repeat this with the different types of commission until all is done.

Please note, 15% is recorded as 0.15.