How do I follow up a marketing campaign?

After you have issued your communication to your clients, it may be prudent to follow up your action. If you have set an ‘Action by date’ in your marketing record then these records will be easily viewable to manage your follow up.

From the Main Menu click on Admin followed by Marketing on the left hand side.

You will now be presented with a simple overview of the marketing records outstanding and those due for action today. To view more details click on the More button on the right of each line and you will be shown a detailed list of the clients concerned.

To view a particular entry, simply click on it.
You will now be taken to the individual marketing record for that particular client.

You may now record any follow up action in the Follow up – contact made box. This is an editable box to suit you particular requirements. You may also record details of any conversations or outcome in the notes box.

Once you have completed details of your follow up action, you may complete the marketing record by clicking on Mark task complete at the bottom left of your screen. This will then remove the marketing entry from your list of outstanding entries.