How do I import an Electronic Receipt within EDI?

This article confirms how to import an Electronic Commission receipt.

With EDI (Electronic Commission Reconciliation) an electronic receipt will be sent to your commission wallet at the same time each month as the provider would normally send a paper statement.  Most of the providers do currently still send paper statements.

To receive the electronic statement there will be one machine in the office which will have a commission wallet icon installed on it.

This machine will also need to be signed into Quay Messenger. There will be an icon in your task tray (botton right hand side) and will look like this:

Electronic receipts will be received in the wallet, but to see the message the wallet will need to be clicked on in the task tray.  If the wallet is not already in there, double click on the icon on the desktop and it will show in the task tray:

When the wallet has commission messages coming in, a message will appear:

When the message disappears, the icon will flash between a green tick and a blue exclamation mark.

Click onto this wallet icon to open it up:

Click on Process in the left hand column, to move the receipt into CCD.  If the receipt is not required, use the bin icon in the right hand column to delete it.

To find the receipt when it has been processed, navigate to Updates > Commission within CCD.