How to licence Client Care Desktop (CCD) version 3.x

CCD requires a license in order for it to be used. A number of functions within CCD, such as the Factfind or the Compliance plug-in require additional licenses. Licenses are very easy to install into CCD and new licenses must be installed from time to time to ensureuninterrupted use of the system.

A CCD license normally takes the form of the example license below;

%Troi SafeAscii v1.0eKJSFDKJKLSDFLKDS/SRDGF/SDFS?SDFC^EFWE*8733D%End SafeAscii v1.0 ,CCD1

You will normally be sent license number via email. The last four digits of the license number, in this case CCD1, represent the product code. You will need to select the product code from the dropdown list when it comes to enter the license.

Please note that the CCD1 license should always be entered first.

Copy the license number into your Windows Clipboard by highlighting the number and then right-click and select copy or by pressing Ctrl-c. From the front screen of CCD click on Setup

Now click on User License

This screen lists the exisitng licenses installed on CCD.

Click on New License

Enter the product code into the drop down list and then paste the license number into the License code field.

Click on the Validate button.

This completes adding a new license.