How do I make a joint holding single?

Once a holding has been added, you can change the holding to make it joint or single.

For example, you have a joint holding and you need to un-link this holding from the partner record.

Start by navigating to Client> Holdings 

Click into the holding you would like to amend:

Select 'Change' next to the 'Lives' field:

To set the holding to single, select 'Revert to single life contract for #### #####'

This will remove the partners name from the 'Joint life contract holder' box and will also remove the partners name from the contract holders names, life/lives assured and display fields.

If you have set the holding single in error, click the link 'Set as Joint using the associated client shown above'

If you need to move the holding from under the client, to the partner record, click 'Alter selection to partner'. This will move the now single holding, under the partners record.

Once done, select '<I Return'.