How do I obtain a CCD long-term user licence and how much will it cost?

The CCD long-term user licence will incur a nominal fee of £1.00 (excl. VAT) per CCD system. To run the CCD, you will also need to purchase the relevant number of new FileMaker 15 licences direct from FileMaker.  

CCD Long-Term Licence

To obtain a CCD Long-Term user licence, please email our customer service team with your requirements.

Please note: Requests for the CCD Long-Term licence have be emailed to the customer service team by  23:59 on 20 August 2019.

Each adviser firm will be sent an agreement for their CCD system to sign and return, which will detail the licences to be supplied, cost and terms that apply.  

The CCD Long-Term user licence will commence after you stop using your current licences (1st January 2020) and run until 23.59hrs on 31st December 2099.

The licence will include the standard licences that you currently have except for those that require ongoing maintenance, which include;

  • EDI Remuneration
  • Financial Express Fund Feed
  • Contract Enquiry Valuation service (CCD ‘Quay CE’ service)
  • Software updates for providers and products

IMPORTANT NOTE: FileMaker version 15 is required to run the CCD Long-Term licence.  If a later FileMaker version is purchased, CCD will not operate correctly or in the expected way.

Support for FileMaker 15 runs to 20th September 2019, after which time this version is no longer supported by FileMaker and therefore considered to be out of date software. 

It is expected that the CCD Long-Term licence will be used for reference only and a new CRM product will be used to support and run your business.


New FileMaker 15 licences are required for each machine that will be accessing CCD, including your server (if applicable).  If you are running CCD via RDP or Citrix you will need a FileMaker Pro licence for each user accessing CCD. FileMaker offer the option to purchase perpetual licences i.e. pay a one-off fee or via Annual licences with an ongoing fee. A Server licence is supplied by FileMaker with a minimum of 5 FileMaker Pro licences.  

All licences should be purchased direct from FileMaker.  FileMaker 15 licences will only be available to purchase up to the 20th September 2019 and should be purchased at least 48 hours in advance of this date to ensure there is sufficient time to process your order.

There are two ways to purchase your FileMaker 15 server and/or pro licences;


Use the Buy option on the FileMaker website and email FileMaker’s UK Support team to request the licence downgrade to FileMaker 15

FileMaker server licence options (FileMaker Server, including FileMaker Pro)

FileMaker individual licence options (FileMaker Pro)

Customer Care Support 

0845 603 9100

Contact the FileMaker team

Send an email to FileMaker’s UK sales team and with your request to purchase FileMaker 15 

UK licence sales 

0208 268 6030

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FileMaker Website

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