How do I print a fact find?

There are going to be occasions when you need to view, retrieve or PDF an existing fact find and either print this fact find off or print a blank fact find. To locate an existing fact find, navigate from the front page of CCD to Fact find, locate the relevant client then click on Fact find from the left hand side.

You will find yourself in the following layout.

If you wish to view or print this fact find, select the bottom tab entitled Print Options.

Before you print the fact find, you have the option to select or de-select which elements you may wish to print under the Fact find section (de-select to focus fact find) heading. Once you have chosen the elements you wish to print, click on the Print full financial planning fact find button.

To print a blank Fact find -

If you would like to print a blank Fact find click on the link (in the above screen shot) 'Print full financial planning fact find'.  You will then get a pop up message asking 'Do you want to print a blank or populated factfind?' click on Blank.