How do I print CPD information?

This article explains the reports available to show CPD information.

Once CPD hours have been added into CCD, either as part of a Observation or a Development, this information may need to be pulled out of CCD.  There are a number of reports which can be used, depending on the level of detail required.

Starting in the Compliance module.

If a record of CPD is required which just confirms adviser, CPD undertaken and in what month, then Compliance > Reports > Management > Development > Create a 13 month analysis of CPD - by adviser will give the following report:
If a record of CPD is required that gives an overview of the hours completed by individual adviser with a little detail of the CPD undertaken and the development it is attached to, then within Compliance > Reports > Management > Development > CPD - monthly schedule of activity within date range will give the following report:
If there is not enough information on this report, then this one may be better.  Within Compliance > Advisers > Select appropriate adviser > Adviser T&C > Developments > History (if the development has been completed) > Results > Print a development statement which will give the following report: