How do I record Key persons, directors and shareholders?

This article will explain how to record a member of stafff as a 'Key Person', 'Director' or 'Shareholder' of the business. This may be useful to help you understand who may need to be covered for protection or retirement based contracts.

Select the corporate client from the Clients module. Select Employees from the left hand menu. A full list of employees will be displayed, select the relevant employee and go to the Employment tab:
Using the checkboxes at the bottom of the screen, indicate if the employee is a 'Key Person', 'Director' or 'Shareholder' by placing a cross in the relevant box.
You can record an employee as being a 'Key Person', 'Director' and 'Shareholder' or any combination of these. If you are recording the individual as a 'Shareholder' then you should also record the percentage of ownership if known.