How do I record monies received?

Where monies have been received from a product provider or a client these should be recorded in your CCD system. This enables you to identify those expectations that have been met and those that are still outstanding.

From the Main Menu, click on Admin on the left followed by Commissions. Now choose the Receipts sub-option on the left.

This will show a list of the receipts that are currently unreconciled – i.e., those where all the funds received have not been fully allocated against an expectation.

An individual receipt record can be accessed by clicking on it, or alternatively, a new receipt can be logged by clicking on the + Add receipt button in the top right of your screen.

Enter full details of the amount received, the date received and then choose the exact provider from the list available. It is important to choose the correct provider, as your system will filter the outstanding expectations to show only the items relating to this provider. For example, your system will have ‘Scottish Equitable’ AND ‘Scottish Equitable International’ available. Choosing the incorrect provider will display the wrong expectations.

You may now identify whether the receipt was a direct credit to your bank account and if the monies are cleared or not. You may also record details of the account into which the money has been paid, this may be useful if you hold separate accounts for different parts of your business. However, this detail is not mandatory, merely available should you require it. Finally, there is a notes box to allow you to record any relevant notes you wish.