How do I record reviews where it has not led to a transaction?

You will need to decide as a business what the core outcomes are from reviews to enable you to decide on the list you wish to choose from i.e. something like the options below (keep to max of 18 characters to allow to display on list view);

  • Declined
  • Complete
  • No action
  • Deferred

Navigate to your client and go to Clients > Servicing and select Add historic review;

Hold down the Ctrl button & click on the Outcome field;

 Enter the values that you wish to appear in the list (No further action etc.), which will show in the list as an Additional Entry.  You can delete the core options if you do not want to use them (Complete/Declined/Deferred) by clicking on the red cross to the right;

Select the outcome on the client review record, enter other details and click on Save;

Navigate to the Admin > Reports > Reviews, enter the dates you wish to run the report on and select the report ‘List all historic client reviews within the date range’;

This will display the historic reviews carried out during the reporting period, filtered by Outcome;