How do I record Time Spent working on a Work or Task item?

Within a Work or Task item you are able to record the amount of time spent. If the hourly charge and hourly cost is recorded against the individuals in a company, then the cost of the time spent (to the client and the company) can be calculated.

Clients > Work - click onto an item and navigate to Account.
You can see that there are five time clocks; these are for tasks such as fact finding, where you may not complete the task in one attempt. It is possible to time each portion of work completed until the actual task is complete to show the complete picture of the resource used.As soon as the work log is created the first clock can be started automatically, if this is an option which has been set up within Admin > Time Recorded > Time Records > Options.

On completion of the work or task, you need to ensure that this clock is stopped by clicking on the Account option on the left of your screen. Click on the words Time off and the time according to your computer will be entered. The system can then calculate how much time has been spent on the task to date and convert this to a fee if you have an hourly charge assigned to your staff record. If you require any follow up action to be taken then subsequent clocks can be used to build up a full picture of the time taken.

Please note that the time clocks do not operate across day boundaries. So, for example, you may have started a task at 11:00am on Monday, worked on it throughout the day and completed it at 10:00am on Tuesday. You should record 2 clocks, one starting at 11:00am and finishing when you stop work for the day and another starting when you commence in the morning and stopping at 10:00am. Otherwise minus 1 hour will be recorded (10:00 – 11:00 = -1hour) and the system will credit your clients rather than debit them!

Alternatively you may wish to record a manual override of the time taken to complete a task. In our example it may only take us a few minutes to record the task but may have been on the telephone to our client for 20 mins. You should record the time taken to update the CCD system but are also able to input a ‘manual time override’ in the box available. This should be entered as follows to record 20 mins 0:20:00. The charge and costs associated will now be based on the manual entry rather than the system calculated time.