How do I select an asset on a holding?

This article describes how to manually record assets on a client's holding.

Navigate to the Details page of the appropriate holding. Within the Valuation data field, ensure that Summary is selected.  This allows you to select fund and unit information for the client’s holdings and also use electronic downloads, which will update the system with valuations:
In order to add fund information to the holding, select the Assets tab and use the + Add asset icon on the right of the screen:
You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to add an asset to the system. Click OK to proceed when you are asked to select the asset to be added to this holding.

The following screen now shows you all the relevant fund information for the particular provider your holding is held under:
The funds are split into Collectives, Equities, Fixed interest and Other. Depending upon the fund type you are after, click the relevant tab and you will be presented with the corresponding fund choices.

To select a fund off the list press the Select icon. You will now notice that the fund name appears at the top of the selection screen. You will now need to go into the Position tab to enter the unit holding information:
You will now need to enter the relevant information in the unit holdings boxes. Once entered you will need to exit this screen using the system trail at the top of the screen. By clicking on Assets you can now go back and repeat the steps above to add additional funds as required:

Once you have completed your fund choice your assets tab will reflect the units selected and the current price (dependent upon last download).
In addition to this the Overview screen will also be updated to show the current value.

Transaction level is the final choice when adding asset information to the system. By selecting Transaction in the Valuation data box you will be able to add additional unit information to the system. The process for adding an asset is the same as for the summary level above however after pressing the Select icon next to the fund name you will notice that a third tab called Transactions appears at the top of the screen:
If you go into the Position tab you will notice that the number of units box is no longer available for entry. You will need to go into the Transaction tab to enter the details.

After entering all of the transaction within that particular fund, by using the relevant boxes on the screen above you will now be able to see the total number of units on the Position tab.

It is important to note that currently any Contract Enquiry download will update at the Summary level. This will therefore override any Transaction level information that you may have already entered for that client.