How do I set up an enquiry?

It is possible to record details of client enquiries and appropriate recommendations made to meet those needs or wishes. It is important to be able to track and monitor your enquiries to ensure your client’s wishes are met. This also serves as a history of recommendations made, proving that a subject was discussed, eliminating any ambiguity.

From the Main Menu, choose the Clients option on the left and locate your client using the Find record option in the top right of your screen. Now select the Holdings option on the left to view any existing arrangements and finally select the Enquiries tab at the top of your screen.
CCD will now display any outstanding enquiries for this client. Should you wish to view a previously entered enquiry, click on the relevant item. Any enquiries which have been proceeded with, and are now in force, will be displayed on the enquiry history area which can be accessed by clicking on the History tab on the screen. Again, you can view more details of the enquiry by clicking on it.
To add a new enquiry / recommendation, ensure you are looking at the enquiries outstanding area. Now select the + Add record option in the top right of your screen and confirm that you wish to add a new record.

Start by recording the source of the client, which is a user editable list. If the source you wish to record is not  available from the list then choose the edit option and add, line by line, any further sources of introduction you require. Now enter the nature of the enquiry, (what  is the client wishing to achieve?) followed by the enquiry date. The adviser details will default to the servicing adviser but you may change this. For example, you  may have a specialist who advises on certain areas of financial services such as mortgages or retirement planning.
You are able to record details of the potential value of the enquiry. To do this, enter the basis on which you expect to be remunerated and the potential value. You may not be aware of the exact commission expectation at this stage, this is simply an area to record an estimate of the case value. When you are aware of the exact remuneration you may return to this area and adjust it accordingly.
The last area on this page is the ability to forecast when you may expect to receive the business to proceed. You are able to record details of whether you feel this is a strong lead and therefore there is a strong possibility that the business will proceed. Alternatively it may be a speculative enquiry, which you feel may not have such a strong chance of proceeding. To record your expectation of completion, click on the coloured blue boxes on the right of the white box. The darker the blue,  the greater the chance of proceeding. Similarly, you are able to record an expected timeframe for the case to proceed. This may assist with our business  management, to show whether this is a quick piece of business or if it may take some time to proceed.

The Research tab allows you to connect to various internet pages to obtain quotations and product features information. You will notice with some of these links that the information from the Enquiry screen is used when you connect to these providers.
The Recommendation tab allows you to record exact details of the recommendation you are making. Click on the Recommendation tab at the top of your screen.
Now record details of the product provider and the product you are recommending to your client. You are able to record details of any cover provided, the  contribution and the term of the plan.
The enquiry will remain on the system to demonstrate the recommendations made and to show the activity of the adviser. If the client decides to proceed with the recommendation then on the Cover and investment levels tab click on Use this recommendation as the basis of a new holding record. The details that you have entered will now be transposed to a new holding record, meaning there would be no requirement to re-enter the data. This can now be tracked for administration purposes and your compliance requirements can be recorded. When the holding is In force the enquiry will automatically be moved by the system to the enquiry history area.
Unfortunately, your client may decide not to take up your recommendation and this can be recorded. Locate the enquiry and amend the status from enquiry to Not taken up and again, the enquiry will be moved to the history area.

You also have the ability in here to record Work items (please see related articles or training guides).
The final area is a free format notes area that you may wish to write any supporting information or copy and paste text from an existing document into this area.