How do I setup Introducers Payaway Defaults?

This article will explain how to setup default payaways for introducers.

Select the introducer you wish to set the default payaway for from the Contacts module:

Once the introducer has been selected, select Activity from the left hand menu, the Remuneration tab and Set-up tab:

Select Yes to payaway commission to introducer and enter the percentage of commission you wish to payaway. Remember percentages have to be entered as a decimal place i.e. 15% needs to be entered as 0.15.

This will ensure that when this introducer is selected as an introducer of the client any new business entered with a commission expectation or a client fee raised for that client will automatically payaway 15% to the introducer.


If you did not want the introducer to receive 15% of every type of commission, for example you may only want to give away 15% of the initial commission but not the renewal commission. This can be set within the Advanced tab:

Select the type of commission from the drop down list at the bottom of the screen and select Add new commission type. The commission will be added to the grid and enter the percentage amount in the field on the right hand side.  Repeat this until all types of commission that should have a specific payaway are entered on this list.

The default is set to 15% but any renewal commission expectations will default to 0%.