How do I setup marketing diary reminders on a client's record?

Within a client’s record there is a section to record marketing information. This has two main purposes, the first is to show a history of any marketing or mailshots the client has previously received and secondly to schedule future mailshots/marketing you may wish to do for this client.

After creating a marketing campaign the system will automatically add a record to each client that you have used. It will also attach a copy of the correspondence that was issued so that you can view it. This will be dealt with later in this article.

To record a marketing diary entry, for example to send a letter to a client for an annual review, you firstly need to access your clients record and go to the Clients > Marketing > Mailshots screen.
To add an entry click on the + Add record icon.

You will then receive a message to confirm if you wish to continue. Press Yes to continue. This will then take you into an Event screen. This is similar to the standard work or tasks screens you will have seen in the system already, however there are additional boxes at the top of the screen to complete.
Choose the action you wish to take using the Initial Action box. This box is populated from your task list in the set up of the system. You can then specify the number of days to wait (from the established date box) or you can add an Override date in the relevant box.

You can also specify the person who should contact the client in the Diary FAO box. This is populated from your staff list in the system. Any additional details can be added in the Notes area of this screen. At this point you would not normally complete the Follow up boxes or use the Generate letter tab unless you were completing the whole of this record now. To exit this screen use the Quit option.