How do I setup Workflows/Trackers?

This article will explain how to use workflows/trackers within a client record. Firstly they need to be setup up within the Setup module under Setup> Admin. codes> Workflows (See article 'How do I create workflows/trackers?')

Select the client from the Clients module. Workflows/Trackers can be used within Clients > Work or Clients > Holdings > Tasks. Select whichever is relevant to the tracker. In this example we will be using Clients > Holdings > Tasks as the workflow/tracker is for new business therefore a holding will have been created.  However, it works the same within a Work, but the tab to access the Workflows/Trackers is called Workflow Setup.

Select the relevant holding, select Tasks from the left hand menu and the Task groups tab:
Select the tracker you wish to use from the Select group drop down list at the top right of the screen:
You can now add each task individually by selecting the at the end of each task. This will add the tasks to the Task tab. Alternatively, all the tasks can be added by select Create work group from the middle of the screen.

Once in the Task tab, diary dates can be added as required and allocated to the appropriate person for completion: