How do I update client assets with new prices?

In order to revalue the client’s holdings you need to have recorded full details of the funds concerned in the Details area of the clients holding. Please see the appropriate article or user guide for further details on how this can be achieved.
You can either apply the Financial Express prices on a fund-by-fund basis or for all of your client’s holdings at once.
To revalue the holdings, firstly you need to be viewing a client’s fund holding. From the Main Menu choose the Clients option on the left hand side and locate a client for whom you wish to revalue their holdings.

Click on the Holdings option on the left and choose the holding concerned and then choose the Details option on the left, followed by the Assets tab at the topof your screen.
To value one of the funds, select the fund concerned by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side of the that fund then simply click on the Update current price details option.
The revaluation of your clients holdings can be completed each day however, please note that this action will update the PRICE of a fund but not the UNIT HOLDING of any asset. If the unit holding may have changed then you are advised to update these on a regular basis.