How do I use Document Manager?

This article describes how to add scanned documents to CCD using the Synaptic Document Management software.

Documents can be scanned to CCD in various modules within CCD.  You will find the Scanned Docs tab in the following modules:

- Clients and Holdings
- Compliance
- Contacts
- Setup > Providers

Documents can only be scanned directly to CCD, if you have a standalone TWAIN compatible scanner and it is linked to CCD.  To check that a scanner is linked to CCD, right click on the scanner icon in your task tray:
Choose Preferences and the following page will be displayed.  Navigate to the Scanner Setup tab:

If your scanner appears in this field, then the scanner is set up.  If it does not appear here, simply select it from the dropdown list and click OK.

To scan a document, choose the appropriate module to add this document to and select the Scanned Docs tab:
Complete the description without using dots, dashes or slashes.  Once input, click on 'Scan a new document' Create New.  A scanning box will appear, click on the scanner icon on the left hand side of the buttons:

You scanner box will now appear, put the item into the scanner tray and click on Scan on the scanner box.  Once the scan has finished a copy of the document will appear in the scanning box:
Use the far right icon, the paper with a green tick to accept the scan of the document.  You will be taken back to the Document Manager page with the link to this scan recorded.  Now click OK: