How do I use the bulk renewal option?

This article explains how to use the Bulk Renewal Item on the Exceptions tab on an EDI Receipt.

On the Exceptions tab on an EDI receipt there is the ability to select renewal commission to be put into a bulk receipt that is created in this electronic receipt.

To do this, the renewal items to be added to the receipt must first be selected.  This can be done in a number of ways:

1) Select the items from the exceptions list. Use the Bulk column on the right hand side.

2.  Select individually from inside the exception.  Enter onto the exception and use the Add to bulk renewal.

3.  By using the Select all under ..... field on the Exceptions tab.  Record the amount under which renewal items will be selected and then click Select all under.

Once the items have been selected, the bulk receipt now needs to be created.  Use Create bulk renewal item;

Once this has been clicked, a message will appear;

Click OK.  A new item entitled Various will now be recorded in the Allocated tab;

If FSA details need to be recorded against this various item, this will need to be done once the receipt has been finished here and is in the Admin > Commissions > Receipt part of CCD.