How does CCD deal with Fidelity Funds Network valulations?


This guide is intended to assist advisers using Synaptic Software Contract Enquiry to set up and use Fidelity FundsNetwork’s valuation service. The guide does go into some detail to help users avoid common problems, and once set up you should find these services are extremely quick and easy to operate.

What does this new link do?

Synaptic Software can automatically update or add all the relevant values of the products that your clients hold. Essentially, you are able to get the latest valuations for all your FundsNetwork clients whenever you want to.

Getting started

Before you can start using this link, please run through the following checklist

Check you have your FundsNetwork login details

The FundsNetwork valuation service requires users to have a FundsNetwork user ID and PIN. If you have never been issued with a PIN or have forgotten these details, please contact FundsNetwork on 0800 995511.

Go through the set up process for Contract Enquiry

This one-off set up needs to be done before the service can be used. This is detailed within this guide.

If you need any help with or have any issues with the service, please contact Synaptic Softwaredirectly on 0800 028 0033 or by email at

 For any questions on any of the services provided by FundsNetwork, please contact 0800 99 55 11 or by email on


How it works

Fidelity FundsNetwork contract number format

A client’s holdings on FundsNetwork are grouped into ‘accounts’. A client can have more than one account on FundsNetwork. Accounts are identified by a unique 10 character code which is constructed of four alphabetical characters followed by six digits i.e. ABCD123456. The first three characters are usually representative of the first three characters of a client’s surname or first three characters of a corporate/trustee company name. The fourth character generally gives an indication of the product group the account number relates to.

ABCX123456 - Where the fourth character is an 'X', this represents an ISA account (Maxi, Mini or Transferred ISA).

ABCP123456 - Where the fourth character is a 'P', this represents a PEP account

ABCA123456 or ABCQ123456 - Where the fourth character is either an 'A' or 'Q', this represents a non-ISA account consisting of Fidelity funds, offshore funds or investment supermarket funds.

For really old accounts the structure is slightly different and consists of three letter and 7 digits e.g. ABC1123456. The first of the seven digits is usually '1'.

A client can only have one account number for all their PEP and ISA plans. However, the account number may be associated with multiple PEP and ISA plans, which are held on a plan year basis on FundsNetwork, i.e. an account AAAB123456 may have an ISA plan for 2001, 2002 and 2003. These will be held separately. For PEP and ISA plans the account will have the plan year appended to the account number.

For example a client who holds an account AAAB123456 with a 1995 PEP plan would need to include the following information: -

Account number = AAAB123456/1995

When downloading holdings from FundsNetwork client records will be displayed in this format.

Help Section

I don’t have a FundsNetwork User Id or PIN set up?

The FundsNetwork valuation service requires you to have a FundsNetwork user ID and PIN. If you have never been issued with a user ID or have forgotten your PIN, please contact 0800 99 55 11 for further help.

When I try to run the holdings update service I do not get a report.

This error appears because the holdings update service has not been enabled at FundsNetwork for you. To enable the service please call FundsNetwork on 0800 99 55 11 or email quoting your unique adviser number, to enable your bulk holding service.

What products can I get valuations on?

All FundsNetwork products are available via these holdings update services, with the exception of holdings in the Fidelity Investment Trust Savings plan.

How up to date are the valuations I receive?

The holdings updates are taken from our live systems and provide valuations as at the close of business on the previous business day.

When I try to use the individual holdings update why do I not get all of my client details?

You are only able to receive valuations for accounts linked to your adviser number. If you have any further questions, please contact FundsNetwork on 0800 99 55 11.

I have a number of Fidelity agencies, how can I get valuations on all my accounts?

Ensure you use your head adviser login and you will be able to see all your client’s accounts.