How to access the Client Audit Log

Audit logs are designed to support investigation of personal data breaches.  Access to this functionality will depend on the user privileges controlled within your business.  

To allow access, navigate to Setup > Staff list and select the staff member you would like to access the audit log.  

Click on the Security tab and update the permission to ‘allow to view audit logs’.  

To view the audit log related to an individual client, navigate to a client record. 

Go to the top FileMaker menu, click on Data and select View Audit Log.  You will be taken to the Audit log which may take a few seconds.

The Client Audit Log will be displayed, which details any changes to personal data fields within the client area. 

The name of the client and the type of audit records you are viewing will be detailed at the top left of the screen.

Click on the headers to filter audit information in the list and select a specific entry, such as a date.  

The headers filtered on will show in red.   You can select an item to filter on for each header at one time.  To remove the filter, click on the red text filtered x to the left or click into the header field and backspace/delete the filter item selected to display the full audit list.

To print the audit log, click on the print button to the top right of the header section.   The (i) button provides information regarding the printable options.

There are options to print, pdf or extract the audit log report.

You will notice other areas related to the client record you are on will display as options below the client name.  To select the audit log for an area, click in the box beside the relevant area.

This will display the audit log for the area selected, in this case the Client Goals, as displayed under the client name.   Click back in the box to remove the tick to display the client audit log or click on another box to display a different area.

You will notice that some of the areas will provide further options to choose from.  Selecting the Holding area will display the list of holdings to choose from in the portal list on the upper right side of the screen.  Click the Select button on the holding you wish to view to display the audit log for that policy.

To return to the Client screen, click on the < button at the top left of the screen. 

You can also go direct to a specific holding to view the Audit Log for that record rather than go via the client record.

Navigate to the holding you would like to view the Audit Log for, go to the top FileMaker menu, click on Data and select View Audit Log.  

You will be taken direct to the Audit log for the specific holding selected. Use the < button at the top left of the screen to return to the holding record. 

Please note: Any changes prior to the upgrade will not be recorded in the log.  If you update personal data within this section, new changes will appear in the log.

If entire records are deleted, these will appear as an entry in the Deletion Log.