How to add a new Provider

The first step to add a provider to your CCD system is to search our online database to see if the provider exists.

Please note: This online database will close after the 31/12/2019. New codes will not be created by the Synaptic support team after support ends on 20/09/2019, however you will be able to create your own new providers and codes after this time using the instructions below.

Navigate to Setup > Providers and click on the link Can’t find the Provider you are looking for?
 The screen below provides an explanation around the use of codes kept in a master database. Click on the link Search our on-line database for a new Provider code

Enter the Provider name you are searching for and click on Search.

If you cannot find the provider you are looking for, you can request a new provider code from the Synaptic support team until 20/09/2019 by clicking on the option to ‘submit a request to the support team to add a new Product Provider’ highlighted in the screenshot below.   After this time, you will need to add the provider to the system and create a unique provider code yourself.


To add the new provider, navigate back to the screen below in CCD and click on Add a new Provider Record

To ensure there is no duplication of provider codes that already exist on your system, you will need to create a unique product code for the new provider. Existing provider codes created by the Synaptic support team should consist of 4 letters i.e ‘OMPL’ for Old Mutual Wealth, therefore to be sure of it being a unique code it would be easier to create providers using numbers going forward:

For example, code: 0001

Enter the Provider Name and Code you have created and click on
 A message will be displayed with the Code to confirm the Provider has been created.
 Click on Edit to go to the provider record to add further information or OK to return to
 the Provider list screen.