How to change passwords within CCD

This article describes how to update passwords in CCD.

With the newer versions of CCD, each user must have their own individual password which will need to be changed on a regular basis.  Each company needs to set up some basic details with regards to the password such as minimum length and expiry period.  This can only be done by a member of staff who is set with a User Privilege of Supervisor.  This is done in Setup > Staff List > Options:

Confirm the Characters or more for password length and also the Days until expiry.  You are also able to record a Temporary default password.  This is automatically set to 'password', but you can change this.

If a member of staff forgets their password, someone with access to the Setup module will need to access their record and use the Reset password button:

When the user logs on they will need to use the default password (either the one automatically set by us or one that you have set yourself).