How to create an electronic client file

The ability to extract a client file from Client Care Desktop (CCD) into a single electronic file, allows you to import this data into an external system elsewhere within your organisation or respond to a data portability or access request from a client. Access to this functionality will depend on the user privileges controlled within your business.  

The data will be extracted into a Json format, which can be viewed in various applications, Such as a web browser or Notepad.  Notepad ++ provides a logical view.  

You will be able to view the client related data in the file grouped by areas, with the data displayed against each technical field name.   Client related data with will include;

•    Client personal information 

•    Factfind 

•    Fees

•    Holdings

•    Fund information

•    Withdrawals

•    Enquiries 

•    Reviews

To allow access, navigate to Setup > Staff list and select the staff member you would like to access the extract function.  

Click on the Security tab and update the permission ‘to create a client data extract’.   

To extract data related to an individual client, navigate to a client record. 

Select Data options on the left hand menu, then click on the button ’Extract client data and record entry in the register’.  If the user does not have access they will not see the option to extract.

You will be presented with two options;

  • Client request – where a client has requested an extract of their data
  • Internal request – where the request has come from within the business 

Click on the appropriate option.

Your output will be collated, which may take a few seconds.

You will need to select the application to open the file.  Notepad ++ allows you to view in a logical format and edit the content as appropriate to deliver the required data set.  The file will be saved in a temporary location on your machine which will be removed when you close down CCD, therefore you will need to save the file created to a suitable location.

Opening with Notepad, will be difficult to read and will display as follows:

An entry will be created detailing the request type, date and time extracted and who extracted by.

Click on ‘View report of the client extracts’ to create a printable report of all extracts created.

Please note: Only data fields relating to the individual client will be extracted, therefore calculated fields and binary files (i.e. photos/word docs) will be excluded.

Partner data will only be included where there is jointly held data, such as a joint holding.