I have posted commission under the wrong provider - how do I change it?

Occasionally a piece of commission can be set up for a holding from a Provider, which either changes or has been incorrectly added.  Even if the Provider is changed on the 'Product' section of the Holding this will not automatically update the commission recorded.  This needs to be done manually.  

We will assume that at this stage the Provider has been changed within 'Product' to the correct one.  Now select the commission expectation for which the Provider needs changing:
Click onto the piece of commission itself:Navigate to the 'Splits' tab:Use the 'Update commission details to reflect case default'.  This will update the Provider for this piece of commission.  Please check any commission splits recorded as these may be changed to the defaults set up for the Adviser and Introducer.  Amend if required.
This piece of commission will now have been changed to the correct Provider: