Input FIelds

Prompts are in amber/gold font colour. Clicking on one of these triggers one of the following:

  • Produce Reports
  • Execute a command
  • Allows additional information to be added.

Internal Links are in blue font colour.  They enable you to perform an action at the touch of a button and are like mini-wizards (a number of separate pre-programmed commands to complete an action).   They are clearly labelled and usually have “I want to…..” directly before them:

Keyboard Shortcuts are available for the date and time:

  • CTRL and _ (underscore) enters today’s date.
  • CTRL and ; (semi colon) enters the current time.

To use these shortcuts your mouse must be in the field.  If you right click the mouse in a field, a menu will appear.   The ‘Insert’ option allows you to add the time, date and current user information:

Drop Downs – there are two types of drop down lists to aid with data input in CCD:

  • Modifiable value list
  • Non-modifiable value lists

When the mouse is placed over a field if you see   then this is a modifiable value list. Click into the field and the list displayed will be the current contents of this value list. 

If you want to add/modify or delete the current list then rollover the field and press control and left click on your mouse to edit the value list .

The ability to update these value lists can be provided to all staff or restricted to those who have access to the Setup area of the system.

Critical Fields – there are a number of fields in CCD that display in a red typeface. These denote critical information fields and wherever possible these fields should be completed. Once data is input into these marked fields the field label will change from red to black.

As information is added the red ‘critical fields’ will change to reflect new critical data based on information already entered.

Although critical fields are highlighted in red, CCD will allow you to proceed without completing the information.  This may mean that some reports will not return meaningful data at a later stage.  It is important to add the ‘Client type’ as they will set up the ‘critical’ fields for the chosen client type.

In the above example, ‘Individual’ has been selected and the relevant ‘critical’ fields have been displayed: