Investment Pathways - Default Fund List

In Default Fund List you can set whether you would like to use all funds in the universe or whether you work from a panel of funds:

You are able to set whether you would prefer to enable ‘Include Mode’ or disable.

Include mode allows you to add a panel of funds (This will exclude all remaining funds not within your panel) 

Disabling this will give you access to all funds in the universe, except funds you choose to exclude.

To add funds to you fund panel, make sure the ‘Include mode’ is selected:

Add funds to your panel by typing in the fund name or fund code (Citicode, Sedol, ISIN and MexID)

Please note – by having the include mode enabled, you will only be able to search for funds you have added to the list.

If you would like all the funds in the universe, except funds you would like to exclude, unselect the ‘Include Mode’. 

Add the funds you would like to exclude through the funds search:

Funds can be removed from the panel by selecting the 'Remove Fund' link:

When you are ready to set the fund list to active, click into the 'Details' tab:

Click the pen icon to edit: