Keeping SIPP records updated

When any asset is recorded into a SIPP, as well as the SIPP itself, it can either be recorded as ‘Info Only’ or ‘New Business’. Any record recorded as ‘Info Only’ requires only the appropriate fields to be completed within ‘Product’, ‘Contributions’, ‘Details’ and, potentially, the ‘Remuneration’ screens.

If a piece of ‘New Business’ is entered, then all the screens above, plus the ‘Administration’, ‘Remuneration’ and ‘Submission’ screens need to be completed:

These screens can either be accessed from within the SIPP (as shown above) or from within the individual Holding record.  All types of assets will have this functionality.

Once a checklist is selected, the relevant Holding will be displayed with the checklist - in this example the ‘Administration’ checklist of the ‘Bank Account’ has been chosen:

The ‘Tasks’, ‘Remuneration’ and ‘Submission’ areas all work in the same way.  If a tab is selected from within the SIPP, CCD will navigate to the relevant screen in the individual Holding record.