Modify a search

When using reports you have the option to modify the search criteria that you have entered. A report is in itself a “found set” the find criteria being set by the scripting behind the report.  Once the report has been run you have the option to modify it.

This report has been run for ‘Amount due but not paid’ on the date range 1/01/2010 to 28/11/2012 for Skandia.

Once you have your report on screen you will see at the top of the screen the FileMaker toolbar.

Click into Data and then find and then Modify last find.

The search criteria can be entered in the same way as for the “find” search. In the example below, we are finding any ‘Fund based renewal’ remuneration.

By pressing enter on the keyboard the report will now apply your new criteria to the report, retaining the original report details.

As you can see from the example the report is still for Skandia between the date ranges selected however it now only displays any fund based renewal amounts.