Offsetting Fees

If remuneration has been paid for holdings for a client and this amount is to be offset against any fees that the client is due to pay, this can be done from within Clients > Account > Fees > Invoice allocation:

Within this section you can see the fees due in the top half of the page and in the bottom half any monies that can be used to offset against the fee(s).

In the example above the amount of the paid remuneration is less than the total amount of the fees, therefore all of the paid amount can be used.

There is an option if the total amount of the paid remuneration is more than the total of the fees, to only use what is needed to offset the fees.  The remainder of the paid remuneration can then be used to offset against future fees.

To see all paid amounts that can be offset against fee, the ‘Show payments received within last XX days’ may need to be changed for the default 31 days.  Simple remove the default and type in the required number of days and then click away.

To produce the invoice to show the offset, click into all the ‘Select’ boxes as required:

Now click +Create Invoice and click Invoice to the pop up:

To view the invoice before printing, select Preview: