Override 'Calculated Growth Rate' Functionality

Comparator has the ability for the user to override the calculated growth rate applied when selecting a portfolio for each product.

Usually Comparator calculates an asset allocated growth rate based on the master asset class for each fund and the proportion in the portfolio. This override function allows a user to override the calculated growth rate at a portfolio level (each fund will then use this rate of growth for the calculations). The methodology for this functionality is to allow the user to use Comparator as a “ready reckoner” when comparing what is available in the market place with a client’s existing arrangements to see if it is worth going through a switch process. 

To use the override option, the user needs to select the portfolio to use and tick the override box. You will then be allowed to enter a growth rate into the box which will be used for the calculations.

 comparator override caluclated growth rate.png

This functionality is controlled by groups’ parent organisation and when turned on is available to all users within an organisation. 

Please email Synaptic Application Support at support@synaptic.co.uk should you wish to turn this functionality on for your organisation.