The prices are updated via a download from Financial Express.  We take the download from Financial Express at 9pm every evening, so you will always get the prices as at close of business the day before.  You can tell the system how regularly you want to do this i.e. every 15 days and a message will appear when the next update is run to confirm whether it should be a full update or a partial update.

The download has four distinct steps to it:

  1. Obtains the file from Server and puts it in the ‘Received’ tab of the Updates section of CCD.
  2. The first action that the update performs is to delete the current price information held in CCD The prices table is replaced with the new file.
  3. CCD cross references all the funds held in your clients’ records and where an exact match can be made to the Financial Express price list, the bid price and valuation on the client holding record will be updated.              

This is done from the Updates module from within the main menu:

There are two options:

‘Download a Fund Price update for all funds from Financial Express’ – will update all the fund prices and will take approximately one hour to complete.

‘Download a Fund Price update for active funds from Financial Express’ – will find the funds that you have recorded against your client’s holdings on CCD and just value these.  It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Once you have selected which download to run, click on the blue link and the following appears:

Once this has finished, a message pops up in the bottom right hand side of the screen:

Once this has been clicked on, CCD will start to delete the old prices.  Once it has completed deleting the old prices, it will then replace with the new prices.  

Once the update has been completed, CCD will navigate back to the Updates > Received page and show a message pop up:

To view funds that are contained in the Prices list after the update go to the Prices section in Set Up.

Many companies ask how often they should use each of the downloads.  We say that each company should run the downloads as often as they like, but if the ‘Active funds’ download is used on a regular basis, we do recommend that the ‘All funds update’ is run at least once a month, as it will bring in any new funds that weren’t previously available.