Processing New Business

Of all the methods for progressing and completing new business, this is certainly the most user friendly. It allows you to see the majority of the vital fields required at-a-glance, as well as allowing completion and updating without the need to actually access the client record individually.

From the Main Menu, select the Admin option on the left, and then click on the New Business sub-option on the left hand side of the screen. A list of all outstanding new business entries will be displayed.
To access the appropriate "Pending new business" record, simply click anywhere on the appropriate line of text. Note – a red square in the right hand field denotes a diary entry for this new business item has passed its diary date without being actioned. A green box in this field denotes diary actions outstanding, which are still within their target date.When you click on the appropriate line of text, a pending new business screen will be accessed. It is possible to filter the view of these records by using the tabs at the top of the screen. The records may be sorted by provider, by product, by adviser or even by status.
You should update the details as appropriate and any details completed in this area will automatically update the client holding record. Alternatively, from here by clicking on the ‘switch to the full record’ text at the bottom right hand side of the screen, you will be taken directly to the policy holding.

Any diary entries are displayed under the ‘tasks’ tab and comments can be added here. You can also complete diary entries in this screen by clicking on the  icon.
Alternatively, by clicking on the expand green arrow at the end of a diary entry, you will be taken into the specific diary entry, where the full functionality of the system is available.
It should be noted that, once all of the necessary details have been entered and the policy has officially been put ‘in force’, you will need to enter the pending new business record and click on the ‘complete new business record’ option at the bottom of your screen in order to remove the record from the outstanding list.