CCD is pre-loaded with all the products that a client could hold(if a product is not listed, you will need to contact the Support Team at Capita Financial Software):

Select the contract by clicking on the ‘More’ button at the end of the line  to go into the Product record.

The other tabs contain:


Information about the LAUTRO code used to calculate (where applicable) and allocate information (where this information will be displayed in the fact find).  

‘FSA Reporting’   

Details the regulated activity and whether the product is regulated or non-regulated. This is used on RMAR reporting.  


To enable notes to be added.


 This can  be used to set up a standard paragraph that can then be merged into standard letters in the message maker function.

‘Contract Holders’

Once the system is populated it will be possible to use this tab to show all holders of this specific product type (this list will not be linked to any particular provider).  This is useful for data-mining and understanding your database.