Recording an Adviser's Development

When development needs for your advisers are identified it is important for you to keep a record for compliance purposes. The need can be entered along with the results of when the need was addressed.

The development need can either be a result of observations or another method like an exam result. Depending on how it was identified will determine where it is recorded.

If the development need was identified following an observation, access the outstanding observation within the ‘adviser T&C’.

If the development need is not following an observation, it can be recorded directly in the ‘Development’ area.

When using the ‘+Add’ record button, the following page is displayed:

The results of the training can be recorded in the ‘Results’ tab:

The ‘Overall result’ and ‘Signed off by’ and ‘Date of Sign off’ can be entered. If the adviser did not successfully complete the training, another record will need to be added.