Searching in reports

The same search principals can be applied to the reports in CCD however care needs to be taken when doing this as some reports are specifically titled. Most reports created at client level will show the clients name at the top of the report therefore modifying the search on that style of report will most likely result in multiple clients appearing on the report.  However the clients name in the title will not change.

Within the Admin area most reports are not specifically titled and may be more easily modified. 

To start the search of a report, enter a CCD report, the report we will use on this example is in the Remuneration reports - Due not paid schedule for (Provider).

As before to conduct a search use both the margin (microwave) and the find mode (FileMaker menu bar – data – find – find mode).

This will have the effect of clearing the entire report ready to accept new search details. 

The example below shows how to find any unpaid procuration fees where it is greater than £300.