Setting Up Fees with Time Billed, Disbursements and Offsetting Remunerations

Before any item billed, disbursements or remuneration offsets can be applied to an invoice you must have set up a ‘Project’ for the client.  You can have as many different ‘Projects’ running for a client at any one time as you require. Once a ‘Project’ has been established ‘work’ and ‘tasks’ can be linked to the ‘Project’ giving the option for time recorded for each task to be billed and added to a client invoice. To demonstrate this we will look at adding one ‘Project’ to the client and then how this can be invoiced. 

‘Projects’ are set up from the front screen of a ‘Clients account’.

To set up a new project, simply use the  and then complete required fields:

When you click into the ‘Add a task’  button or ‘Add a task’ at ‘Client’ or ‘Holding’ level you will be see the same screens and the procedure for recording the time taken to complete a task is the same whichever method of input you choose.

Complete all the fields and diary dates as normal but ensure that you select the ‘Project’ from 

the drop down list for Related project:

Only ‘Projects’ set up for this client will appear in the drop down list.  ‘Projects’ of the same name can be set up for multiple clients.

To record ‘Time’ billed and ‘Disbursements’ incurred by this ‘task’, go to the ‘Account’ tab within the ‘work/task’ record:

Ensure that if an adviser is completing this task, that the correct Type is selected so that the correct charge is picked up.  If a disbursement needs to be added, use the More button within the Accounts tab:

Click the Return button to go back to the Account page.  If additional work is done for the same task, more time can be added into the Account section:

Which work and tasks have been added to the project can be viewed in the ‘Client account’, ‘Fees’, ‘Project’, and ‘Outstanding’ tab for those still not invoiced or in all tasks for those already invoiced.

To produce an invoice for this project, click on Account > Current Projects and click on the project in the list.  Once on the project, click on the Account tab:

Now click on Invoices and click +Add invoice:

Select Yes to the pop up and then Yes to the next pop up:

Now the tabs at the bottom of the page need to be gone through to choose the:

  • Work to be included
  • Any disbursement to be included
  • Any paid remuneration to be offset

Complete the information on this page, including the Splits and Notes across the top of the page.   Once done, now move through the tabs at the bottom of the page to select the items to include on the project invoice:

Click on >View / select from unbilled tasks to choose which of the work items need to be charged:

Move through Disbursements and complete the same as before.  Now with the Offsets tab, any paid remuneration will be shown, once the > View / select unallocated offsets and choose if anything should be offset against the amount the client is to be charged:

Now click Return and move to the Invoice (Billing set up) tab:

Click on < Use total invoicable to complete the ‘Actual amount of invoice (excluding VAT).  Once done click on Print options:

There is now the option to view each page before printing individually or creating an invoice pack in PDF format:

Now the invoice has been produced the amount will be entered into the Amounts due section within Admin > Remuneration ready for reconciliation.