Setting up new staff members

When new staff members join a company, they may need to have a licence to be able to access CCD.  Please contact Capita Financial Software Sales on 0800 783 4477 to arrange.   Once this has been done, the new member of staff needs to be set up.   Click on Staff List on the left hand menu, click the +Add record button and the following is displayed:

Start off by adding a Staff Reference some companies prefer initials others number.  The choice is yours.  For those who are marked as Advisers there will be fields that must be completed, such as:

  • IRN – there is a justification on this field which confirms letters and numbers are required
  • Adviser Type – whether Independent or Restricted

These pieces of information are used in reports within the Admin and Compliance modules.  Those fields in red we recommend that you complete, however if they are not applicable leave blank.  Any percentages need to be added in the format 0.XX.   Therefore, 5% is recorded as 0.05.

The Settings tab has a space for personal notes and also a space to record the Networks ref:

The next tab is Image and allows for a photo of the adviser to be imported.  The Financial tab should be used for recording the adviser’s Agency codes and if the adviser has different splits for different types of remuneration this can also be recorded:

The next tab is Control Functions.  Within this tab, record the adviser’s current status and can also be used to keep details of some of the dates for the exams the adviser may have passed:

Moving up to the top line of tabs, Location is the next tab.  This is used to assign advisers to specific branches:

The Passwords tab is used to record the adviser’s user name and passwords for the different pieces of software which can be accessed via CCD:

On the first page are all the Capita Financial Software’s suite of products.  All other links are included in the Quotations, Research, Documents and Suitability tabs.  This user guide has already covered the Security tab and therefore it will not be repeated here.