Setting Up Remuneration Settings

If your company is becoming VAT registered, these details need to be recorded in the Setup module, within User Info:

You can instruct CCD to add invoice numbers onto client invoices that you raise.  

If you don’t currently use an invoice number system, then simply enter the number that you can see here into CCD.  There is an option to have a Prefix and Suffix to the invoice number.

If as a company you already use an invoice numbering system, simply add the next number into the Invoice number start and CCD will use that one on the first invoice you produce.

If as a company you have branches set up on CCD, click on the ‘Apply this VAT rate to all branches’,

On an invoice there will be two options for how your client can pay their fee:

1) Via cheque

2) Via direct credit into your account

If you want to give your clients the ability to pay by direct credit you will need to record your bank details within the ‘Banking’ tab: