Setting up Word Processing and Email

Under the word processing tab you can set default stores for both PDF’s and MS Word documents produced from within CCD, along with the default footer for any e-mail message generated from within CCD.

The location for storing documents needs to be a shared location. It is accessible both in read and write modes for all staff who will be using CCD.  If you are a sole user of CCD, then this location can be your C-drive.

In the word Processing section there are several settings to complete. The first is the location of the date relative to the address.  This can either be set above or below the address.  The default output to MS Word tick box should be ticked at all time so that correspondence created within CCD outputs to MS word. To set the default store and template for MS word documents click the  link.

How to set up templates to take into account any letter headings, different fonts etc. is covered in the Advanced CCD and Administration Training Course, further details of this course are available on our website or from Client Care on 0800 028 0033. 

In CCD there are many value lists (drop downs) that can be added to by the end user. In the Data tab you can set who can change the content of these value lists. 

The ability to update these value lists can be provided to all staff or restricted to those who have access to the Setup area of the system.