Tax Tables instructions for version 4 and above 2017-2018

The first step in adding the 2017 tax record to Client Care Desktop (CCD) is to save the excel spreadsheet ‘Tax Tables_2017_2018’ to your desktop as you will need to import this file into your system.

To import the 2017/18 tax record into CCD, navigate to Setup > Tables:

Click on any tax table in the list, you will see the following screen:

From the top menu click on Data > Advanced > Import, and navigate to the excel spreadsheet you previously saved on the desktop, select and click Open.

The Target should show Current Table (‘Tables’).

Select Add new records then tick Don’t import first record and Arrange by: matching names, which should display the same fields listed in both the Source fields and the Target Fields in the same order.

Once everything is set as highlighted below, click Import:

Leave Perform auto-enter options unticked and click Import.

Your new 2017 tax record will now be imported into the CCD system and you will see an Import Summary screen confirming this. Click OK:

The tax tables will now be available for 2017/18: