How do I add a new admin code?

Administration codes are a listing of Office tasks such as letter writing or issuing of policy documents, which are recorded against a Work/Diary record. A work record may relate to a client, a provider or a business contact.

It is important to maintain a generic list of the work tasks rather than creating a unique code, for each task, for each client. This will allow business managers to then assess the type of work completed and the time spent on it. Following research we have established the main tasks completed within an IFA practice and these have been created in CCD.

However, there may be tasks specific to your business or to your clients that do not appear on the list and these will need to be added to your list of tasks. To view the list of admin codes go to the manager screen and click Setup followed by the Admin. codes option on the left:

If an administration code needs to be added, click + Add record in the top right of your screen. The system will automatically allocate a reference number to your new task record. This is unique, and should not be changed.

The description will be the type of task, and should be designed so that you can recognise the task from the overall list of admin codes. You will then be prompted to select both main and sub task categories. This enables you to group tasks together for reporting purposes. The system comes pre-populated with these task categories for you.

If you always create the same standard letter in conjunction with this task (for example a covering letter to the insurance provider to be sent with the proposal form) you can associate the relevant Standard Text entry in the Standard letter field. (If you have not created the letter within CCD, you will need to do so before creating your administration code). A drop down list of all the standard text entries available will be displayed.

Finally, if you would normally chase up the task being completed, or if the next task is due to be completed a number of days afterward, detail this in the Diary Days field. Please note however, the task being defined may have different diary days depending on the provider or the context. In this instance you can leave this field blank, as you can complete the information on a case-by-case basis if necessary:

Once completed, click on Administration codes on the breadcrumb trail and the new admin. code has not been completed.