How do I create a Workflow/Tracker within Setup?

There are a number of stages and processes involved in recommending and setting up contracts and mortgages. To ensure you keep track of your business and are aware of the tasks that are still outstanding, you can setup tracker groups. Put in simple terms, you can group together the tasks that you would normally perform to complete a type of business and automatically create the task entries.

This article will explain how these can be setup up.

Before setting up your Tracker, ensure that you have spent some time working out in which order the tasks should be performed.  If the Tracker is set up and a task has been missed out, it will be difficult to amend it and Trackers cannot be deleted.

Trackers are setup within Setup > Standard text > Trackers tab:

To add a new tracker, click into the Tracker white field. If there is an existing tracker name already in the field clear it and type in the name of the new tracker to be setup. Please note, when creating a new tracker, the tracker will not be saved to the drop down list until at least one task has been added to the tracker.

To add a task to your tracker, select Add record from the top right of the grid. A new blank task field will appear to the list, select the relevant task from the drop down list. You will need to add the tasks in order they are to be completed when using them for client work. Repeat the process until you have selected all the tasks you require for your tracker:

CCD comes pre-populated with a variety of tasks which are common to most IFA practices. The list can be added to, please see article Admin - Setting up a New Admin Code.