How do I create standard forms?

This article will explain how to add a form to CCD that can be used a number of times. An example of a form which could be recorded here would be your client agreement.

Standard forms are added in Setup > Forms:

A list of the current forms stored will be displayed. New forms can be added by selecting Add form at the top right of the screen:

Enter the Description of the form, this will be used to identify the form when selecting it for a client. The Category field is an editable drop down list that allows you to group your forms by different categories. The Host Product field identifies what type of form you are adding - Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. You can also record the Created date and Expiry date. The benefit of recording the expiry date is that it will prevent users from selecting that form for clients after that date.

The standard form can then be added to the white screen on the right hand side. Simply select the Add button at the bottom of the screen and select the document to attach.

The form is now ready to be selected within Clients > Documents:

Select Add form at the top right of the screen and select from the list forms you have created. This will then keep a record of the form being created for the client